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A work by an Impressionist legend promises
to be the highlight of Christie’s sale of
Impressionist and Modern Art on
5 November in New York.
Le Printemps
, by Edouard Manet,
estimated at $25-$35m (£15-£20m), has
been in the same collection for over a
century and for the past two decades
has been on loan at the National Gallery
of Art in Washington, DC. The proceeds
from the sale of
Le Printemps
will benefit
a private American foundation supporting
environmental, public health and other
charitable causes.
Brooke Lampley, head of Christie’s
Impressionist and Modern Art department
said: ‘This painting is by the first artist of the
modern era, encapsulating all major themes
of the early modern period, from nature and
femininity to society and fashion. One of his
best known and most widely reproduced
Le Printemps
exemplifies the
revolutionary style that Manet embraced.’
Manet used the actress Jeanne Demarsy
as his allegory of spring, posing her in
profile and depicting her in a flowered dress
and a bonnet decorated with blossoms. Of
the four seasons, Manet completed only
(which is in the
Musée des Beaux-Arts, Nancy, France).
Adrien Meyer, Christies international
director, added: ‘Manet projects in this
masterpiece an idea of the modern woman,
feminine and free, attracting yet deflecting
the gaze of the viewer.
Le Printemps
one of the last museum-quality works by
Manet to come to auction. When again will
the market offer a picture that truly made
Impressionist history?’
Impressionist masterwork
highlights New York sale
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