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This autumn London’s Victoria & Albert Museum
(V&A) is staging a major exhibition on the work of
English artist John Constable (1776-1837). Entitled
Constable: The Making of a Master
, it will juxtapose
Constable’s work (for the first time) with the art of
17th-century landscape painters such as Ruisdael,
Rubens and Claude.
On display will be famous works as
The Hay
The Cornfield
(1826) and
Cathedral from the Meadows
(1831). The
exhibition will bring together over 150 works of art
including oil sketches, drawings, watercolours and
Martin Roth, V&A director, said: ‘The V&A has
been one of the leading centres for Constable
research since the 19th century, following a
significant gift of paintings, oil sketches and
drawings from Constable’s daughter Isabel in
1888. This exhibition refreshes our understanding
of his work and creative influence. It shows that
Constable’s art, so well-loved and familiar to many
of us, still delivers surprises.’
Constable himself owned an extensive art
collection that included 5,000 etchings principally
by 17th-century Dutch, Flemish and French
landscape painters, which became a vital resource
for his own image making.
Constable: The Making of a Master is at the V&A
from 20 September 2014 to 11 January 2015.
The Making of a Master at
London’s V&A Museum
The Diary
, by Thomas
Jones (1772) – an
artist who inspired
John Constable
Watermeadows near Salisbury
, painted by Constable in 1829/30
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